List users in panel

Hello. Quick question: Does Kirby offer an out-of-the-box way to list users in the panel. I’m looking for a page section but with users. Hmm. I thought it was possible until I actually looked. Please set me straight. Maybe I’m missing something. Thanks.

What would be the purpose of this section (as opposed to the main users view)?

There is no section for users, but you can of course create a custom users section.

Thanks for the response. I have a web project that utilizes Kirby’s users system for a member’s area section. There are about 50 members and the client needs to go in and update/add/remove members from time to time. I figured it’d be nice to include a section of members right on the ‘welcome’ screen of the CMS.

That’s certainly possible, but I wonder if it’s worth reinventing the wheel…

Building a custom Panel section: My first Panel section | Kirby