Considering Kirby... A Few Questions


Kirby seems sweet.

A few questions before jumping in:

  • The front-end user feature seems great, though limited. Can users:
    • reset their password?
    • sign-in via email address (in addition to the default username signin)?
  • How easy/involved/possible would it be to create user-profile pages with unique urls (keyed by username, such as or
  • Relationships. This is huge. I’d like to be able to associate content with users, but assign and edit it dynamically (via front-end forms and based on user actions - such as incrementing/decrementing counts and such). Possible?
  • Is it possible to dynamically create content from the front-end (again, via forms)? (PS: Statamic can do this, so it must be possible with Kirby… just not sure if any customizations are needed or not.)

Much obliged for any insights folks can offer.

Hi there,

I believe the user part should be possible.
Reset passwords should be possible with $user->update(), guess it would be better to build something like sending a new password via email.
User log in via email should also be possible with $user->login() and authentication. Just match the right fields (create a different landing page and redirect to the panel if necessary).

When a user is created a trigger can be set that creates a page with the username, see here.
User names and attributes can be filtered and generate dynamic content.

There is no solution that is ready to use, though. :smile:

Many thanks, @andi242. Seems that all the user functionality is possible, just not baked-in. Any idea if this is plugin territory, “one-day-core,” or “always-build-your-own”?


Is there an easy way to build this with Kirby, or not yet?

I have did it. It is so easy. Just a few codes.

You can get the user information via front end form and create them in panel.
Check them

It should be easy to achieve.
Send email functions are already there.

I guess you would need to build something like the generate-new-pwd-overwrite-existing-and-send-via-email-code.


Consider using accounts like Facebook or Twitter for authentication. Let them struggle with the password stuff.

…if you can. It won’t be my personal option, but people might not be in the mood for another account and password to store in their heads.
Depends on the audience, though.

Right… if it works for the audience this is a great route.
Though, having these features baked-into Kirby’s account feature still seems important.

Thanks for all the insight :slight_smile:

Now for some insight on the other questions before jumping in :slight_smile:

Just came across this post and it’s exactly what I need for an upcoming project. Just wondering if you had any success implementing?