Kirby on A Small Orange

I recently created a site using Kirby CMS theme and bought “A Small Orange” hosting service. I installed the Kirby panel but it doesn’t show the login panel when I enter www.domain/panel. Furthermore, how would I install the Kirby theme on the Cpanel?

Have you made sure to also copy the necessary .htaccess file to your root directory? Also there is not “installing themes through the panel” but you would need to check out the installation guide of the specific theme you want to install, telling you what files to copy where.

  • Do you get an error message? If so, what does it say?
  • Have you made sure to copy the .htaccess file?
  • Do links to subpages work correctly?
  • Which theme do you want to use?

It turns out that it takes 60 days to transfer a domain, so that’s why it wasn’t working at all at first. But now that I’ve done what I could, none of the links are working and when I try to access the panel, I get this error:

Server error

Thanks so for the help guys!

Pls. make sure that:

  • mod_rewrite is enabled
  • the default .htaccess file is present and gets loaded (you can check by adding some nonsense characters at the top of the file, if you get a server error, it gets loaded)
  • you are using the minimum required 5.4 PHP version, the higher, the better
  • try setting the rewrite base in your .htaccess

Thanks @texnixe ! I’ll try that.

Since .htaccess file is hidden and even though I unhid it, I can’t upload it. What should do about that?

What Operating system are you using and how do you upload your files?
Do you know whether it´s a problem at the uploading process or perhaps your operating system?

I’m using Yosemite, I can see the .htaccess file in my local server folder. It doesn’t show the file when I go into file manager and try to upload it inside the public_html space. And when I try to drag it in the uploading space, it simply doesn’t. No errors, it just won’t.

Do your have the possibility to use an FTP program, like FileZilla or Cyberduck?
Otherwise you could try to upload the .htaccess file without the . and try to rename it after uploading.
The only thing I can guess is, that the web file manager does not like files with “no name but just a file extension”.

I guess mac doesn’t like . files either, it treats all . files as invisible. I uploaded it as a.htaccess but I can’t rename it, it says:

The page at says:
FileOp Failure on: /home/kaurgca/public_html/a.htaccess: Destination already exists

Sorry, without knowing your provider, I think, I can´t do much about this problem.
The only thing I would suggest is to use a SFTP program and not a web client. Or even better logging in to the server via ssh and naming and editing the files directly in the command line. I only saw that Small Orange has git support, so it should have the possibility to log in to the server via ssh.

But if you are using ssh, I would recommend to use the git functionality and clone the starter kit directly. It has everything you need. You only have to set the rewrite base in line 17 of the .htaccess file to RewriteBase / and it should work.
The command to use is: git clone --recursive

I agree with @jbeyerstedt, don’t use the web client, but either ssh using Terminal or an FTP client like FileZilla, Cyberduck or Transmit, or use Git.

Thank you so much! It’s mostly working now. :smile: I really appreciate all your help! The only thing is that, when I log into the panel I get this error:


User Agent:
Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_10_5) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/47.0.2526.106 Safari/537.36

Kirby Version:

Panel Version:

Try setting the url in your config.php

c::set('url', '');

I tried that and updating the kirby version, also checked my permissions on the host server. But at the end, I just re-uploaded all my files through CyberDuck and it fixed everything. :laughing: I finally have a website! Thanks again, wouldn’t have been able to do it without you. :raised_hands:

For others finding this thread late, changing permissions helped me: cPanel requirements?