Try out, panel error


i start to try out kirby, installed on my local test server.

http://kirby.lokal: it work’s

i can’t install the admin panel


error message: The requested URL /panel/login was not found on this server.

what’s wrong?

greetings perry

Do subpages work correctly?

no, but the directorys exist

  • Is the .htaccess present and gets loaded? To test, put some nonsense characters at the top of the file, if an error occurs, the file gets loaded.
  • Is mod_rewrite enabled? mod_rewrite is necessary for the panel to work.

the .htaccess is present and the mod_rewrite is loaded,

.htaccess test

where to find the error output?

If the .htaccess has nonsense in it, a syntax error occurs and you will get an internal server error right in your browser window.

It may be that mod_rewrite is enabled but your server configuration does not allow .htaccess overwrites of server configurations.

Okay now it works, i had a problem in the apache config.

Thanks for helping.