Kirby Licence Bug?

I have a Kirby version running on a live server for testing purposes. The config file contains my K2-Personal-Licence (it’s just for me to test and learn). After I renamed the subfolder that contains Kirby (changed the .htaccess as well) my panel tells me I was running Kirby w/o a license.
It’s not a problem since I can still work on my project. Still interesting.

You mean you changed the name of the kirby core folder?

No, I changed the name of the folder containing the website (is that called root folder?)
e.g. to and RewriteBase /mstr

And with the first name, the license notice worked and after renaming it, it stopped working? It’s probably a caching problem. Have you tried to log out and in again?

Yes it worked before. I did try to log in/out before I started this topic – but it didn’t help.

That’s a bit weird. Have you tested in another browser?

I… well how should I put this…only have one browser :sweat_smile:
(Ok shame on me – I’ll try to get my hand on another browser)

That’s, well, … interesting … :slight_smile: it’s highly recommended to always test your websites in as many browsers and on as many devices as you can possibly get hold of … Luckily, browsers are free, whereas many different devices are not really affordable (unless you are rich).

I know and shame on me. I just tried it on a different machine (same browser though) – same error. I’ve never opened my site on that machine since it is not mine. So a caching problem sounds unlikely to me.

A different machine is just as well, I just wanted to make sure it’s not a caching problem.

Totally unrelated, but if you want several browser - but not to install them, check out this page;

(Don’t know if you are on pc / mac - but I guess mac has same options).

Or run a virtual machine, if you don’t want to spoil your daily driver OS :slight_smile:

@1n3JgKl9pQ6cUMrW as If you could read my mind: I don’t want to install all browsers on my main machine. Portable versions on a thumb drive are a fantastic idea. Tx!

@texnixe just tried a third device – same issue.

Hm, I have no idea, never came across such a problem. What happens if you rename it again to the original name?

I think the same like you do :slight_smile:

I have one browser as the daily driver (Chrome) and all the others are portable;

Just download / unzip / fire… and delete them (or only the data folder to clear the cache) when you’re done;

  • Opera
  • Firefox
  • Safari (I have an old one for pc, but it still renders the same errors on pc as the latest one)
  • Vivaldi
  • Edge / IE (well, those don’t come portable - but are fired from a virtual machine - Windows XP / Vista / 8 / 10).
  • etc…

Most browsers are Webkit / Gecko / Blink (render engines) based - but they all do have there own quirks and hacks…

Hell, I even check my sites in text-only / DOS browsers like Lynx en e-Links :stuck_out_tongue:

Very usefull for seo / spider investigation - because you see the site, like a bot / engine does…

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Yes, and check accessibility as well.

But the important thing is not where you install your browsers but that you test in different browsers.

You’re right - I got to enthusiastic, pushing my beloved DOS-browser!

Arrrgh :confounded: no OS X support, only via VM. For OS X there is FreeSmug but it doesn’t look very up to date.

But we are getting off-topic … and still have to solve this license issue without hacking the core.

My topics tend to do that… a lot. Sry for that :innocent:


Off topic I love;

Your avatar looks very close to one of my favorite comics :slight_smile:

(don’t worry - no copyright infringements)