Kirby completely stopped working after going live

This is kind of an emergency. I just moved the new Kirby site I built from a dev subfolder to the root public_html folder on the server and the home page loads fine (, but no other pages on the site work. It’s like the routing is kaput. I had completely cleared out the root folder on the site and moved the dev to root using the cPanel file manager, so there shouldn’t have been any transfer issues. I tried re-uploading the kirby and site folders, but still nothing. What gives?!

Have a look at your .htaccess file. Maybe it’s set to
RewriteBase /dev

Change it to
RewriteBase /
or try to remove the line.

Yes, looks very much like a rewrite problem, or maybe the .htaccess is missing completely.

Hmm, yeah. It was an .htaccess problem. The .htaccess file on the server was not the one that comes with Kirby, for some reason. But it’s weird that it all worked in the dev folder/subdomain and on my local computer when I was just using PHP’s built-in server.

Thanks guys.