Licence error in panel

So I just bought a new licence for my 2nd Kirby site, that is all fine. But when I log into my first site I noticed the licence was missing, so I added it again but got this message.

Screenshot 2022-04-11 at 22.49.14

I suspect it’s my method at fault here. Sometimes I just log into FTP and copy the server files back to my local test server. The live domain is and the local site is mysite.test

Is the issue that every time I move it back and forth the licence is trying to validate each time to the two domains? If so is there anything I can do to avoid this.

In the Kirby site, the two licences note the correct sites that each is licenced for but don’t want any issues with the team thinking I have an unlicensed site.

See PM

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Hej :wave:t3:,
I have a bit of the same error. At least the same message.

We have created a Docker Setup, where Kirby gets freshly pulled via composer with every deployment. To have persistent users error, license and home files and folders, we run a composer-post-install to copy those mandatory files.

When I register Kirby locally to be able to copy the file /config/.licence the key “domain” won’t match my production environment.

Am I right to assume, that I can register Kirby only online (on the production server)?
Afterwards I should copy the resulting /config/.licence and save it for my composer-post-install php action:


  mkdir(dirname($dstLicense), 0777, true);
  copy($srcLicense, $dstLicense);

However. I have been playing around a lot with the setup, and now I am getting the ERRO Error: The license has been validated too often

Since I can not post the license and username here, we should PM too.

Greetings and thanks for your fantastic work from Hamburg