Error after license registration

I recently uploaded a kirby cms powered website to godaddy hosting, it was working perfectly until license is registered and panel throws error. everything works on my local Pc and another hosting just for test.

without www it is “{”$view":{“props”:{“lock”:{“state”:null}}}}"

Please i really need help, the vendor is saying code doesn’t work but this is not my first kirby website but i am experiencing this for the first time.

How did you register the license? Via the Panel?

When exactly does this json stuff appear? After login? Is the output you posted above shown in the browser window or in the console?

it appears whenever i try to login in the browser

This answers one of my three questions…

it was registered via the panel
It appears after login button is clicked
the output shows in the browser not console

Is there any more information in the browser console?

Do you get any errors when you enable debug in config? Or can you find any errors in the php and/or server error logs?

Did you register the www or non-www domain for the license?

nothing more, it’s only json, nothing in the console,
no error when i enable debug
I do not understant this “Did you register the www or non-www domain for the license?”

The site is reachable through both and, which should not be the case.

One of these domains should redirect to the other, either www to non-www or vice versa.

But looking at the site, I’m getting a 500 error when trying to access the Panel login, so there seems to be something wrong in general with the server configuration?

www gives error

This page isn’t working is currently unable to handle this request.


Have you actually uploaded the .htaccess file? Looks like subpages are not working either. If the .htaccess file is present, check if rewriting is enabled on the server.

Yes, .htaccess is uploaded

I have the same content on another hosting account, it is working without glitch or , though without license here

Was the license file actually stored in the /site/config folder.

Somehow I can’t believe that everything worked as expected for you registered the domain, given that the Panel and subpages are not reachable. Unless you made other changes afterwards.

the license file was stored in config folder

If I were you, I would delete everything again from the server, then reupload and move the license file into the config folder manually afterwards.

Make sure that the server meets all requirements, that your files and folders have the right permissions and that rewriting works properly. Also make sure that www to non-www redirects (or vice versa, depending on what you need) work correctly, because your site should not be accessible under both domains.

I will give it a try now and give you feedback

I have tried it, it works and I was creating a page then godaddy error came in

Check the Godaddy docs or try and find the settings in your Godaddy admin interface.

the json error comes back now