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I have registered my license for Kirby however, every other time I go to the panel it says that “This is an unregistered demo of Kirby” and I have to register it time and time again. Is there something I need to do to fix this?

How are you deploying the site? maybe you keep removing the liscence file that gets created on the server when you register.

Might be a caching issue. You can manually add the license file, see Get up and running | Kirby CMS

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I use Namecheap if that’s what you’re asking. I use Filezilla to transfer it via SFTP.

I’m checking this out, thank you! Also, happy birthday!

I just did, and I don’t think I can find my Kirby ID, is it not the same as the license key?

Never mind, I found it and fixed it. The change appears in my web panel, but not on my localhost panel though.

You shouldnt register on local host anyway. Its the live public server thats important and should be registered.

If you do accidently register a local domain you can go through Login | Kirby Hub to get it unlocked and register the relevant live server instead

The live server shows up as registered on the panel. Does that mean I’m all good? I was worried because of what the local version said.

Thank you for all the help guys.

Yep all good. its ok to be unregistered locally for development purposes. You just need a liscence on a live public facing website.

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Thank you for all your help, Jim :slight_smile: