Kirby-project folder on web server

Hi - i´am wondering!
Have upload my kirby-project folder on web server and he makes nothing?

By nothing, I assume you mean you just get an empty white page? How have you installed it, in a subfolder or in the root? Pls. check the following:

  • did the .htaccess get uploaded as well?
  • does your server support mod_rewrite?
  • have you checked the error logs on your server?
  • if you installed Kirby in a subfolder, have you tried un-commenting the rewrite-base in .htaccess?
  • you may want to set debugging to true in your config.php (c::set('debug', true);

hallo texnixe,

this is my config.php - i think it´s wrong? can you make it better for me? thank you!!!

<?php /* --------------------------------------- License Setup --------------------------------------- Please add your license key, which you've received via email after purchasing Kirby on It is not permitted to run a public website without a valid license key. Please read the End User License Agreement for more information: */ c::set('license', 'K2-PERSONAL-****‘); /* c::set('debug', true); /* --------------------------------------- Kirby Configuration --------------------------------------- By default you don't have to configure anything to make Kirby work. For more fine-grained configuration of the system, please check out */

Looks like there would be an unclosed comment - started by the /* before the c::set('debug', true);. Not sure cause the forum formatting could also just mess it up, but if there is indeed an opening comment sign /* without a matching closing comment sign */, you might want to remove that even if it isn’t the source of your problem.

Otherwise it looks good.

Except: You might not want to post your license key that publicly.

I edited above post to remove license info

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hallo texnix - with this config.php it down´t run?
can you correct it? please . . .

oh thanks - you to perfect . . .