New to Kirby - first issue on web server

Hi Kirby community,

I´m new to kirby and was curious about this CMS and created a new web side on my local environment. All pages work fine. But after copying the installation on my web server (without adding URL to kirby) only the home landing page is working, but no other content page - I only get a 404.

Do you have any hint for me?

It seems you haven’t uploaded the .htaccess file to the server. Do that and it should work.

Have a nice day

Have you copied the .htaccess file?
Is mod_rewrite enabled on your remote server?

THX, your hint sounds good, will check later at home…

THX to texnixe, the rewrite mod is not loaded in my environment. Wait for the fix by my administrator.

The Apache rewrite modules must be installed and the server config file must allow overwriting through .htaccess.

OK… mod rewrite is loaded, but still it´s not working. You wrote, that we have to edit a Apache server config file, to allow overwriting but what do we need to add?

To test if the server is reading the .htaccess file add some garbage string to the file to try to break it. The server should return a “500 Server Error” as soon as you try to load the site.

  • If this does not happen, the .htaccess file is ignored.

You will need to have the Allow Override directive set in your Apache configuration file:

Depending in your server setup, that can be httpd.conf, a virtual host config file, or a specific site file like default.conf

AllowOverride All
AccessFileName .htaccess 
  • If server is reading the .htaccess file, you might have to set the rewrite base, uncomment this line in .htaccess
# RewriteBase /


RewriteBase /

Or if your site lives in a subfolder

RewriteBase /mysubfolder