Problem with Deployment on Server

Hello everyone,
Recently I’ve created a kirby-based website for a client and yesterday I tried to “go live” with it.
For testing I had the kirby folder on another server at something like /projects/kirby.
Now that the cms shall be deployed on the clients server, I don’t want a subdirectory of course, since you want to reach the site under “” and not at “”.

However, this isnt working properly. If I extract the files of the kirby folder into the first layer of the server (via ftp) I can reach the home/index page but other pages are not found (when I navigate through the site).
If I keep all the stuff inside the kirby folder and just put this one onto the server, everything is working fine. Like said before, you obviously dont want to reach your site at “” …

Do you guys have any ideas ? Sry for my lack of knowledge in this area, I’m kinda new to working with servers.
Its a server from the provider “Strato” if that helps.

  1. Have you copied the .htaccess file?

  2. If so, try to set the RewriteBase by uncommenting this line in the .htaccess:

    #RewriteBase /
    RewriteBase /
  3. If that still does not work, check if mod_rewrite is enabled.

Try changing permissions cPanel requirements?