Kirby 2 Comments Plugin

I’m at the testing stage for a plugin I’ve created for Kirby. It allows you to post comments and moderate them from the Kirby panel.

It Supports Markdown so code blocks, images and the rest and has a live preview feature before you post your comment.

It should be available to download within the next few days once a few issues have been corrected.

Todo list:

  • Add a sign up form integrated with Kirby users.
  • Social Media login options.
  • A preview link so the preview box only displays if required.
  • Add buttons to easily add links, images, lists and title tags without having to manually type markdown.
  • Possibly to send an email to the Admin user when a new comment has been posted.

Any further Suggestions would be welcome plus any feedback.



Just an update, Plugin is almost complete.

Added user sign up form if a new account is required with automatic login which creates a Kirby user in the panel.
Added user login form if account has already been created.
Hidden preview field and only accessible through clicking the preview button if needed.
Image & Kirbytext support.
User avatars displayed


Add user avatar upload to sign up form.
Add ability to edit and delete comments.
Load More Comments
Ajax loading


Social media logins.
Dashboard Comments Widget.

All in all it’s working fine but requires a few tweaks here and there. I’ll try and get a preview of it up and running later on today.



Spam protection built in?

Looks like I forgot to add that, Yeah it will have spam protection. I was thinking of adding reCapture - to the form.

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Although a little later than promised here is a quick demo of the comments plugin built by myself and @catpaint, I’ve built it into an existing theme but removed most of the themes functionality just to show the comments working.

Click into any article and at the bottom there is a comment sign up form, it still has some bugs which need sorting aswell as spam protection.

It currently checks for new comments and gives the option to load new comments just as this forum does too but that still requires a bit of work. Also the user avatar can be clicked on and a new avatar uploaded to replace the default avatar.

Any feedback appreciated!

Is there also an option for commenting as a non-user?

Hey it’s catpaint - changed my username - non users can post but we took it off in this instance to avoid spam. Will have a captcha on it tomorrow too just deciding on the right one to use :smile:

Any news in this Plugin? Sounds very promising for comments/feedbacks I could use for my small website!

All the best, Felix

Hi Felix,

The comments plugin can be found here

Wow This is a Rly Cool Plugin, is it in The Beta Version at this moment?, and whan we can download it

You need to buy the plugin right on the linked page I guess. :wink:
If you don’t need fully integrated comments, you can also embed a Disqus thread, that’s less work but also less pretty.

I may be biased but its less of a hassle using the comments plugin, you just need to include a comments snippet into your template file, and add the field into the blueprint so comments are displayed on whatever page you choose, oh and add the plugin to the plugin folder.

It works pretty well.

And this is the final version :slight_smile: