Kirbycomments (help)

Hey Kirby users,

Does anyone know how I can moderate comments that are placed with the comment plug-in?
Btw the comment plugin works great :slight_smile: and loving kirby so much. It’s my favourite all-time cms ever. Simple, fast and customizable! :slight_smile:

which comment plugin do you use?

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Hey mauricehh,

I am using the following plugin for comments:

and everything works well but I have now idea how to remove or edit comments. :open_mouth:

Ah, alright, I wasn’t aware this plugin exists. I guess this will create a subpage for every comment. So you should have a look if the page that has comments, has any subpages. And I guess you can then edit it and change its status as with every page).

If you don’t get it working, there is also my plugin Komments | Kirby CMS (that’s why I asked :wink: ) and @sebastiangreger plugin: Commentions | Kirby CMS

Great! Thanks for letting me know! :slight_smile: