Comments Plugin for Kirby v3


Hey there!

I used, the plugin of Florian in many websites until today. The new Kirby v3 looks gorgeous to me and I installed it. After a not-that-easy process, i got it working - besides the Comments Plugin. It not just doesn’t work, it even breaks the translation stuff.

Does anybody have an idea what’s the main problem of that plugin or can provide me with an actually working Comments Plugin for Kirby v3? Maybe @florianpircher can help me here? :slight_smile:



The way plugins work for Kirby 3 is completely different to Kirby 2, so plugins need updating before they will work. You would need to wait for Florian to update it, or have a go your self, but it is a complex plugin so that may take a while.


I have look into updating the plugin for Kirby 3, but had to conclude that updating the plugin would be more work than I am willing to put into the project. The plugin API has changed significantly with Kirby 3. Updating the plugin with all of its functions and options for the new API would require a complete rewrite of the software and its documentation.

Updating just the core functionality would actually be doable within a reasonable timespan, but then I would have to remove many features and options that are more difficult to translate to the new Kirby 3 architecture. If you are familiar with PHP and the new plugin API, you can look at comments.php of the plugin and try to update only the parts that you need and delete the rest. I am happy to help if you have any questions about the internals of the plugin.

Because comments are saved as subpages, you can write your own snippet for rendering comments. That way you don’t loose the existing comments on your page.


@florianpircher Ugh, yeah I thought so… I’m familiar with PHP, but neither with the new plugin API, nor the old one… But maybe i’ll try to play with it a bit… Thanks for offering your help!