Soon: comprehensive and flexible comment system

We’re about to release a comments plugins for Kirby, which is both flexible and easy to implement. It uses native Kirby pages and subpages like this:

– post-01
– -- post.txt
– -- comments
– -- – comments.txt
– -- – comment-00001
– -- – -- comment.txt
– -- – comment-00002
– -- – -- comment.txt

So you can list and search for comments and even manipulate them within the panel. However, for performance, the plugin provides a faster method of displaying comments in the post template.

It provides spam protection via mandatory previews and the well-known honeypot method.

Here’s our first live implementation:

As soon as my friend Florian has stabilized the code and added the e-mail notification, there will be a github page for all of you to clone and fork :wink:


Very nice implementation.

One suggestion: I would add a “confirm” button right at the preview, not only at the bottom of the form. I was unsure for a second whther my comment had been submitted already or if it was just the preview.

AWESOME!! Can’t wait for the final version.

Haha, I’ve been wanting to tackle this one for ages (indie comments without database is basically what I lacked) but everytime I tried I’d run into my lack of training and give up after a few hours of research. So, I’m assuming storing comments in individual files rather than in a single JSON is better performance-wise?

Looking forward to this!

Good idea. Consider it on our list :slight_smile:

Any news on this Plugin? :slightly_smiling:

Sounds great!

All the best,

Also awaiting the release impatiently! :smiley:

Same here! Can’t wait to add this to my blog! :slight_smile:

I’m starting to think Gerrit’s forgotten about all of this. :frowning:

We are still striving for perfection… Sorry for the delay.

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@gerritvanaaken: Any ETA in days, weeks, month, years :joy:?

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Chill down! It has only gone 2 month. :wink:

I’ve strived for perfection in 9 years now. Still not there yet, but always sooo close… :smiley:

I calculate it takes about 2 lifetimes to get there then. Perfection is so hard!


Well, i cant wait too :smiley:

Guess what? We’re ready for primetime:


The plugin collectors were faster at releasing that one:)

Edit: Just a quick question: Does your plugin provide an option to moderate comments before they are published?

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Not at the moment. I created an issue in github. We’ll see.

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@gerritvanaaken what is the difference between Disqus and Your Plugin?

Well, the most obvious difference is that Disqus is an online service, not a Kirby plugin. The data is stored in the cloud, not in your text files.

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oh :sweat_smile:… i forgot

Plus, Disqus is being loaded entirely via JavaScript after the page has loaded. This plugin is rendered server-side and is native to your website.