Comments with Kirby Pages

I think about implementing comments over kirby pages.

The user will get a form in the frontend. Submitting this form will create a new comment-kirby-page in the backend. This comments folder can be for-each’ed.

Folder structure:


The comment pages should only be hidden on the sitemap for example.

What do you think about this approach?


I like it. Nice simple approach, and should perform just fine in the vast majority of circumstances. Kirby’s performance drops when you get hundreds of subpages, but that’s an extreme edge case for comments.

Two things to consider, which you will have to either write yourself or find a framework for:

  • Authentication / spam detection
  • Moderation (approve comments before they’re published) and flagging/reporting abuse

I actually like this approach. But yes it might need some extra features.
I’ll try it my self.