Creating "guestbook" via public form

Hi there, I’m fairly new to Kirby/coding in general.
I’d like to create a “user testimonials” page where a visitor can submit a few sentences of text via a text form.
Different than a commenting system as I don’t want the text to appear automatically— I’ll be curating and formatting it myself after submission. I also don’t want the text submission to automatically create a new page.
How would I create this text form to allow for me to simply view the entries as they’re submitted?


I’d recommend to create a page for each submission, that way you can easily hide, manage and paginate content instead of storing all of you entries in a single text file.

Since you’re saying you are new to coding why not take a look at the following actual commenting system to see how forms and page creation work with Kirby:

The way I see it, the only difference would be the method of displaying comments/entries, just like you pointed out. I’m not sure how Kirby Comments works, but I guess that Instead of displaying all of the comments automatically, you’d have to tweak the plugin a little so it creates hidden pages/subpages and then publish them yourself via panel.

But, if you’re inclined to keep everything in a single file with no subpages then take a look at this:

I’m sure it will be very useful. :slight_smile:

Hi there, I’ve installed the plugin but am having some troubles. I’ve gotten the comments form to appear on the desired page, but when I try to test and submit a comment I get this error:

Too few arguments to function Kirby\Component\Smartypants::parse(), 2 passed in /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/mlw-project/kirby/helpers.php on line 54 and exactly 3 expected

I’ve made a new template and blueprint - both called “snapshots” - to host the comments page. The blueprint is in the main Kirby blueprint folder, and the template is in the main Kirby templates folder.

Here’s what the template looks like:

Any help would be appreciated!

What’s your Kirby version? There was a bug in 2.5.8 regarding smartypants.