Suggestions for comments in Kirby Blog

Can anyone suggest a good way to add Comments to blog articles in a Kirby site? I see that Disqus can be integrated, but I have a dislike of that system.

I see that the main site integrates with Discourse which would be interesting to me, but I can’t find any code examples to achieve this (I don’t want to go and write something from scratch if it already exists!!)

The ideal solution would be through a Kirby plugin or extension like Comments with Kirby Pages, but preferably with some anti-spam measures :wink:

Check out this thread, also the possible downsides: Discourse on Kirby?

Two other possible solutions: - free, self-hosted comments server - free & hosted solution for all kinds of dynamic data, not just comments

Maybe you are also interested in this new plugin that should be available soon: Kirby 2 Comments Plugin