I give away many plugin repos

Now I give away many plugin repos.

I just can’t maintain them all and I don’t like everything I’ve done. Before I shut them down I want to see if anyone else want to keep developing any of them.

If so, just send a PM. Then you will be given the repo along with the stars.

Reason: I set a fingerprint so I don’t need to autologin.

Reason: We will hopefully get to write blurprints with PHP as an alternative to yml in the future.

Reason: Just not good enough and been closed for quite a while.

That still leaves you with about 40, doesn’t it?

Something like that, yes. :slight_smile:

Just out of curiosity: Do you use all these plugins in a single project? :innocent:

Lol! :smiley: No, I don’t.

I often have a problem that I try to solve. When it’s solved, it a new plugin is created. Later on I might figure out a new way to solve that same problem. A new plugin is born.

Sometimes there are 4 plugins around the same problem. Maybe I get to a final solution that works perfectly or a similar solution gets included in the core… or I just have 4 floating plugins that tries to solve the problem but does not solve the problem in the best way.

The plugins I give away, I have no need for them anymore personally. The rest I might.

I will close one repository each day now and I started with https://github.com/jenstornell/theme-loader. If you want one of the remaining repos you need to hurry. :slight_smile: