Creating first user on install does not work for me

I’ve just cloned an old kirby project. For security reasons, I did not add the account to the repo, so I needed to create a new “first user”. When I tried to click on “Install”, it said “passwords do not match” (“Passwörter stimmen nicht überein”). But there is just one field for a password. When I tried to click again, the error message “Panel already installed” shows up. On refresh and Login try with the created account, I get an “Invalid Login”.

Looking into the user account, it seems that the password in the .htpasswd file is not encrypted. That is strange since iirc, it gets encrypted into this file. I thought at first, it could be something about file/folder permission, but the account folder with .htpasswd and index.php is being created… any ideas?


This happens if you are on PHP 7.4 but use a not compatible Kirby 3 version.

Yipp - That did the trick. Thanks!! :slight_smile: