Panel password problems

Each time I create an account to access my website’s kirby panel, despite saving the log-in details in browser when I next try to log-in I am greeted with Invalid username and password? This happens every time and is the same on the live site and with my localhost and Mamp. I’m guessing I’ve missed something very simple just unsure what…

Do you use any special characters in your user names or capital letters?

No. User names have been all lowercase and alpha-numerics only

  • Are your folder rights set correctly (PHP must be able to write to site/accounts)?
  • Do you get any error messages in your server logs?
  • Which PHP version?
  • Which Kirby version?


  • Is there a file with the name of your username in the site/accounts directory?

Kirby 2.2.3
Php 5.6
No error logs
Folder rights seem ok - at least the username file in site/accounts is writeable

What about the hidden site/accounts/.logins file?

That’s Read-Write not Execute (6-4-4)

Hm, is that a fresh Kirby installation? If not, could you test with a fresh starterkit install?

I guess you have already tested removing the account folder and creating a new one?

Haven’t tried that, I’ll give it a go.

Sorry - I’m probably being a dunce. What’s a fresh starterkit install? Will that wipe all my templates, snippets, etc?

No, just download the Starterkit from the download page and install it in a separate folder on your server or in your local dev environment. Don’t copy on top of your current setup.

Do you use any extensions (plugins, custom fields etc.)?

@texnixe Deleting the accounts folder seems to have done the trick! Thank you for taking the time to help

You are welcome :slight_smile: