Panel will not log in; bad username/pass error

I created an installation of Kirby yesterday and was able to successfully log in the first time. When I returned to the login page this morning, I found that I wasn’t able to log in. I am entering the correct login info; I have checked and rechecked this multiple times. I’ve tested on different devices and browsers. Each time, I get a bad login info error. No changes have been made to any files since I shut down my computer last night after the first (successful) login.

Any ideas? Thanks!

Have you used any special chars in your username? Kirby sanitizes user names, so for example an email address like will end up as you-me-com

… or maybe your typo is wrong? Check the directory -> site/accounts for your username.

To change your user name, you can rename your account text file (in /site/accounts) and edit the user name in the file manually, or you can remove the account file and start from scratch.

I’ve tried creating a new account via text file, and my username and password don’t include special characters. I’ve double, triple, quadruple checked for typos and spelling, to no avail. Any other suggestions? I appreciate your help!

Do you get any errors or does the login page just reload?

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I receive an error- “Invalid username or password”

Do you have a file called .logins in your folder and if so, does it have any entries? You might have to enable invisible files to be able to see that file. BTW. does this happen on localhost or on a remote server? Have you checked your folder rights?

The .logins file includes the following:

This happens only on a remote server; localhost doesn’t experience issues.

In terms of file permissions, the site and site/accounts folder are set to 0755, and the files inside site/account are set to 0644. The panel folder is 0755, subfolders are 0755 and files inside of panel/ are 0644. The weird thing is that this is a fresh installation; I haven’t done any work under the hood…

And the rest of the installation works without any problems? Do you get any error messages apart from the one from Kirby, like in the server logs? What PHP version are you on? And which hosting provider?