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I am trying to get kirby working with XAMPP on my local machine, I fallowed this HowTo: Start Kirby development on a PC. This seems to be a little out of date and some of the documentation seems to be missing. I can access the site and get into the control panel but can’t seem to find a way to log in. When I started started up my control panel in the web browser I saw the Account creation, typed in the info I wanted then it won’t let me log in. I’ve checked the site accounts in the folders to see if there was a login and password. There was and everything seemed right, I even copy & pasted the info and still have issues. What should I do next?

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But if you are already in the control Panel, then you are logged in? Or what exactly do you see?

And yes, that post is very outdated and longwinded.

Sorry I think I typed that wrong, So I am at the panel of the login screen. With the fields to put in username, email in this case, and password. But when I put in the username and password it says ‘invalid login’.

I went into the folders for accounts to see if the info was correct and it is.

And the password is stored in plain text in the account file or how do you know that is is the same as what you enter into the form?

Yes it was plan text, I opened it up in sublime and notepad copy pasted it over still not working.

here is the plain text for the user same for the .htpsswd shows my password that I’ve entered.

Hm, the password should not be stored in plain text. Do you happen to have an older version of Kirby? We once had an issue with PHP 7.4 in Kirby 3.x (can’t remember the exact version), but that issue was fixed quite a while ago.

I’d might, I was fallowing the steps from the link from the first post. I am gonna uninstall everything and reinstall it with the newest version of Kirby to see if I can get it to work.

update: after redownload the latest kirby I got everything working. Thanks :slight_smile:

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