Can't log in to panel with new created user

I just had to reset a password for a client because they forgot their initial password.

After changing their password via the panel, it’s not possible to log in to the panel anymore, neither with the existing account and new password, or with any newly created accounts. The only one that is still working is my admin account.

I’m kind of suspecting this to be another one of these errors: Can't log in to panel

but I don’t really know what to tell the support. Are there any measures I could take to make sure this is not an error in my Kirby installation?
I’m a bit afraid to update Kirby or manipulate anything else in the installation, because I don’t want to lose access with the current account…

some context:

  • kirby version 3.2.2
  • php version 7.4.5
  • varnish cache disabled in .htaccess, although it appears to be still used
  • cookie is set in header

unfortunately I only have sftp access to the webspace, do you think it’s safe to update kirby version by just copying a more recent kirby folder into the root?

I would update Kirby and then try again.
I would try: PHP should be 7.2 or 7.3.
Good luck.

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Your Kirby version is not compatible with PHP 7.4, support was added in 3.3.2.

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ah, that’s what i suspected tbh. will give it a try, thanks both for your answers!

It is always a good idea to keep your Kirby version up-to-date to be on the safe side.

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