Can't see icons in panel

Something must have gone wrong with my panel installation. None of the icons in de admin panel are shown. With icons I mean, the arrow, page button, plus button etc… They are all replaced by squares… any idea what I can do to get them there?

I did compare the installation with another installation of kirby and indeed a folder in panel/assets was missing. I have now added it, but still nothing shows up.

Try to remove and readd the complete panel folder again, then close the panel and clear the browser cache.

So I hope I understood correctly. I deleted the panel folder and reuploaded a fresh version from a new download. Now I get a HTTP ERROR 500… and ofcourse I cleared my cache

Hm… What version of Kirby was your original installation? Just trying to make sure that Kirby and the Panel are on the same version number. Are you testing this locally or on a remote server? If on a remote, are you sure the files were all uploaded correctly? Also, please check the php and server error logs, maybe there is some more information in there. The cases where we had 500 error in connection with the Panel were often due to a missing php mb_string extension, but I guess I can rule that out here, since the Panel did work before?

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Indeed, a wrong version! Lucky I still had the old version. I uploaded that and now it seems to work. Thank you Texnixe!

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