Kirby 3.4.2 Icons in panel not showing


For a client, I made a kirby website in 2020. A few days ago, my client contacted me because no icons were showing in panel anymore.

It’s a problem especially to edit text blocks (the website uses the editor plugin).

I don’t know how to fix it. It’s Kirby 3.4.2 and the server runs PHP 7.4

Can you help me?

I’m sure there are error logs in the browser console. Can you share it with us?

Here they are

Looking at the console logs; I am not sure, but it looks like you are trying to inject additional JS libraries into the panel. You may be experiencing a conflict with this. You can try with removing additional JS libraries. Also you can determine if there is a problem with installed plugins by disabling one by one.

Are you sure you are using the Editor plugin? Error message sounds more like old kirby builder plugin…

Yes I’m also using the builder plugin, I just checked it

Are you actually using both in parallel? Otherwise, remove the one you don’t use.

I’m using both. I deleted one, then the other one, and it didn’t fix my problems.

Hm, but did you also delete the media folder?

Have you tried to download the project to check if it still works locally?

I wonder what changed on the server side to cause this issue. Given that you didn’t make any changes and this apparently happened out of the blue?