Panel not working anymore and images


I’ve got a very new version of Kirby (downloaded a month ago) and I am moving stuff over from an old site to this new one. It’s being completely overhauled - design etc - so we thought this would be the best way to do it

The panel in the new site was working but It has stopped and i’m really not sure why. I am logged in but all of the images are 100% of the page all the way down

I had moved over a folder from the content folder - a blog, with all of the blueprints, templates etc. The images won’t show up for some reason so i had deleted the media folder because i thought it would regenerate all the files. It doesn’t seem to want to. I’m not sure if this has something to do with it.

I even copied over the media folder from the old site which would match up exactly with the articles but it still can’t find the images even though the path looks correct (http://localhost:3001/media/pages/insights/article-name/6ee0c20a02-1640906339/image.jpg)

I think these might be completely separate issues but i guess they could be related too.

Any help is much appreciated!

Thank you

Which Kirby version does this old site use?

Updating is usually better done the other way round, i.e. move the new kirby folder into the old version. When you do it one by one, you might be missing stuff.

It also makes sense to read through all major changelogs from your current version to the one you are updating to, because there are often breaking changes from for example 3.4 to 3.5 etc.

Thank you. You make a good point. I might just rethink how i was going to do it. I thought starting with a clean slate might be better

I just updated to the latest but i’m having the same issue with the images and the media folder. Everything else seems to be working but no images are showing up that have been uploaded via the panel

Have you made sure to not only delete the media folder but also the cache (in case it is enabled)?

What is the new version you are using, since you said you downloaded it a month ago, you don’t seem to be using the latest available version?

I re-downloaded tonight so i should be on the latest version of Kirby (3.7.5). I;ve deleted the media folder. I can’t see how to clear cache - i don’t see a folder or anything. I’ve cleared my browser cache

When i go to the path in my files some of the images are not there. Maybe the media folder isn’t generating things properly? It is just json files and no images at all e.g. image-name-38x.jpg.json

I haven’t touched the content folder. All images are still there as they were previously

Just found your answer to someone else for a similar issue. Looks like i accidentally forgot to run the server with Kirby’s built in router! Sorry! Silly me

php -S localhost:8000 kirby/router.php