Thumbnails not showing in panel

Having a strange problem where the 75x75 thumbnails are being created but with 0 bytes.



Can’t see any errors in kirby debug or dev console… any ideas?

Try looking in you PHP / Server logs. Did you upload alot of images in one go, so that it had a lot of thumbs to generate in one go? Perhaps your server / php ram limit is too low. i am not 100% sure, but from watching it generate thumbs i think it starts with the largest first and works down in sizes. It may have simply ran out of memory when it got to the 75x75.

What happens if you delete all the 75x75 ones? it should regenerate them and skip over the others (i think.)

no errors- happens everytime I upload a thumb, even just one small one.

Hmmm odd. I take PHP, Kirby and server are all upto date? What versions are you running?

just upgraded to php 7 - same problem. Running kirby 2.5.9 RC-1

I would go with 2.5.8, and file an issue if it looks like 2.5.9 has a glitch. try looking in the Github issues list, it might already have been raised.

  • can i downgrade? just overwrite all the files? thanks for your help btw.

Yeah, its fine to trash the kirby & panel folder and roll back. I would delete, rather then overwrite. I have rolled back that way before when a plugin has issues with a shiny new version of Kirby.

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shall i delete the thumbs folder as well?

Yes, and I would if it was me, and the site/cache folder contents too, if you have one (probably not strictly necessary but i like to clean).

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@_gareth_j Remember to keep the index.html file that was probably in the thumbs folder. It stops the dirctory contents getting listed in a browser. If you deleted it, just make a blank index.html file in that folder.

You can also stop directory listings via .htaccess if you want, which will prevent it everywhere. The html file is there because its easier, as some hosts restrict certain .htaccess stuff.

There is an RC-2 release of Kirby which rolled back an issue with the SimpleImage library. You might want to give that version a try.

Did downgrading solve the issue?

The Panel only generates 75x75 thumbs if you upload an image. Only if you open file view, it also creates a 400x266px thumb. The other thumbs have nothing to do with the Panel and are created on the frontend.

Also, the reason why the new SimpleImage update was rolled back was because it meant a breaking change that was not compatible with some plugins. Also, there was an issue with user avatasr with 0 bytes, maybe the issue is in fact related. Anyway, the new 2.5.9 release will be out any time now, with SimpleImage rolled back to the previous version.