Broken panel, cache, plugins, …

Wow, I have no idea what’s happening but after trying to use a plugin (GitHub - bnomei/kirby3-feed: Generate a RSS/JSON-Feed from a Pages-Collection.) which I didn’t setup fully, I noticed that suddenly my custom panel sections (pagesdisplay and others) showed up with errors (section is invalid).

But even after removing the plugin and reverting all changes, the problem is still here.

Also now all thumbs are broken. I even downloaded the working version from the server, but locally everything’s broken. I’ve noticed that all requests to the media folder seem to fail and also noticed that there are hidden .jobs, but no thumbs are actually created… I assume that also the “bundled” plugins aren’t loaded because of that.

What can I do?


Have you tried and deleted the media folder after removing the plugin? Then clear browser cache.

Yes, I deleted the media folder and also tried removing my browser cache and use different browser that I didn’t use before.

After I deleted the media folder, it gets recreated with some subfolders (except plugins), but no actual thumbnails are created.

Oh damn… I forgot to start kirby with kirby/router.php :smiley: