Cant edit pages - Content Lock issues

Hi there,

I’m trying to sort out an issue with one of my sites. I cant seem to make any changes to my pages in the panel and am getting multiple errors in the console. See screenshot for errors.

This has been an ongoing issue for a while with this site so would love to know how to fix it.


Are you using the latest 3.2.5 version?

Check if there are any .lock files in your page folders and if so, remove them. When a user edits a page, a .lock file is created in the content folder for that page. These files should usually be automatically removed when a user finishes editing a page. Also make sure to ignore such files in your .gitignore(if you use git).

If you happen to use rSync for deploying, ensure that you exclude them from the transfer too, as you can end up transferring a .lock file from local to live on rare occasions.