.lock remains / no lock-banner is shown / page delete not possible for user


i observed following things regarding -lock-files:

  • it happens that .lock-files remains in the content directory but the user left the edit modus long time ago. Is there any known issues when .lock-files might left back and not being removed by kirby?
  • although a .lock-file is present in certain page folders no lock-banner is shown. When i try to delete the page kirby complains that the file is locked and hence cannot be deleted. But as no banner is shown a “normal” user cannot unlock the page himself.

Any ideas? Hints? Is there any known issue regarding lock-file-handling in kirby

Best, Thomas E.-E.

I’ve seen this issue occasionally in support issues. Sometimes it was due to .lock files not being excluded from .git or other deploy routines. If that cannot possibly be the issue, I don’t really know. There used to be an issue in certain circumstances (see this issue: .lock files sometimes do not get removed resulting in editors being unable to edit pages · Issue #2333 · getkirby/kirby · GitHub) but it was resolved quite some time ago so shouldn’t affect your version.

thx @texnixe ! As we use GIT i doublechecked if a .gitignore exists (which does).

Also checked wether the referenced user-id still exist which does, too … but the user is now in a different role ‘inactive’ which is not allowed to login anymore. So i am still wondering why the lock-banner does not appear.

Thanks anyhow …

ah … it seems the lock-file-format changed. The old file reads like

cat ./news/202206031220_1654251709202/.lock
    - 4gTunzh6

whereas the new (and working) one reads like

cat ./news/202205310815_titleofthepage/.lock
    user: MriHwGEn
    time: 166228626