Panel lock errors

is this message normal?

Someone else had a similar issues but we didn’t get any feedback if and how it was ever resolved. Please check if what I suggested there helps with your issue: Cant edit pages - Content Lock issues

hi texnixe,

no .lock files i am working on localhost

it happens when
1.i modify some field on “admin1” user
2.i start writing same field on “admin2” user before the content lock bar automaticly appear

Hm, the lock bar should not appear if you are the only one who edits those files, unless there is already some lock file.

Which Kirby version are you using?

hi again,

i change on “panel heartbeat.js”

run(context) {
      context.commit("INITIALIZE", setInterval(() => {
        context.commit("CLOCK"); => {
          if (context.state.clock % beat.interval === 0) {
      }, context.state.step * 100));

from 1000 to 100 or 10 and the error disappear

last stable version.

i am testing with 2 diferent users

2 users in TWO different browsers?

yes, 2 diferrent users, 2 diferent browser, 2 diferent machines

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If you don’t need the lock feature, you can disable it in your config. You should definitely not mess with the source code.

It is intended that pages, users and files are locked if differernt users edit the same content?!

i need lock feature for this project. it have 6 editors. but i have this errors.

another question? is content lock feature work with content from database?


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I think if you want locking on virtual pages, you have to implement that, it is not implemented by default.