Can't update site page inside the panel after update

Hi all !

The hollidays are over and I dicided to update a site from 3.1.4 to 3.2.4

After installing the new version I get this strange behavior when editing the site page inside the panel

Had this happen to anyone else in the past ? I really have no clues on what could be wrong. Other pages are working fine.

Thanks in advance !

  1. Clear cache & session
  2. Delete /media/panel folder
  3. Try again and check console output

Clear and delete done! and there’s multiple error in the console each time I try to do a modification


So I thought removing the only account on the site and creating a new one would work, but that’s not working either.

I checked the files permissions, I’m currently on a windows machine is not as clear as linux but apparently I have all the rights enable.

I also tried using another server php serv but still the same errors…

I think only @texnixe can solve this problem.
Errors are all independent and different :thinking:

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Check if there are any .lock files in your page folders and remove them. When a user edits a page, a .lock file is created in the content folder for that page.

Do you use Virtual Pages in your project?

Hello Sonja !

Well… there was indeed a lock file :sweat_smile: removed it and now it’s working just fine. Never seen one of those before, was making me crazy.

Thank again for you help, wish you a beautiful day !

Glad that it works now. Usually, these files are automatically removed when a user finishes editing a page. Looks like something got messed up.

If it happens again, let us know, and we might have to create an issue if we don’t find out why this happens.

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@theopaolo on a side note about .lock files, make sure to exclude them from Git / rSync rules or anything similar, I’ve accidentally transfered a lock file from local to live once or twice, and got similar issues as you describe until i deleted it.

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I’m curious:

Do we have a feature such as batch cleaning of .lock files? Config option or in panel?

I dont believe so but you could use that new Terminal plugin to do it from the panel if you really have to. I think the Janitor plugin could probably do it too.

It shouldn’t be necessary to do that, as I said above, they should be handled automatically by Kirby. Although if something like this happens, checking and cleaning up from the Panel would be nice.

Since the Terminal plugin actually displays stuff in the Panel, that would be my choice.

I asked you to use it when there are stacking errors like this.

Thanks Jim for the suggestion, just saw it on the git repo :grimacing:!

:smile: I’ve seen the castle on slack ! love it :sparkling_heart: