Can not get Kirby to work (HTTP ERROR 500)

Hi all!

I have been gladly using Kirby for a couple of years on my website without any trouble, until today. I have updated my website and also upgraded Kirby to the latest version, but when uploading all files I get an Error 500. It runs locally on my machine with MAMP without any trouble. In Chrome I get an error back and in Safari a blank page.

The Web Error Logs shows the following:
[Mon Aug 14 13:25:03.665212 2017] [lsapi:error] [pid 1015494:tid 140450973312768] [client] [host mydomain.tld] Backend fatal error: PHP Fatal error: Class 'Whoops\\Run' not found in /home/myuseraccountnumber/domains/mydomain.tld/public_html/kirby/kirby/errorhandling.php on line 40\n

Placing a fresh copy of Kirby on the server gives the same error. When reverting back to the previous installation, everything works great again. Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this problem? Thanks!

That issue has come up before, please check out the suggestion in the other post.

Thanks for your reply @texnixe.

I tried uploading with a different FTP-client (Cyberduck), and it seems to have fixed it. Not sure why.

I removed everything from the server, then uploaded the Kirby-starterkit to test if that would work, and it did. Uploaded my new website and everything looks good so far! :slight_smile:

Thanks for reporting back. Something must have gone wrong with your upload before, because the Whoops\\Run class was missing. Glas that is works now.