Error HTTP ERROR 500 on server, local fine


I’m trying to upload a client site to a web server and i’m having issues trying to get it working. I have no problem running it locally, and from what I understand the server i’m uploading to has the correct configuration (PHP 7.3.27, etc - I asked them to double check requirements).

I’ve tried adding random letters to the .htaccess file and it gives me an internal server error so it seems like it’s being accessed ok.

Hosting support thinks it may be an issue with RewriteBase, but i’ve tried “RewriteBase /” etc too to no avail. They have very limited knowledge of Kirby.

They provided me with the following error:
PHP Fatal error: Trait ‘Kirby\Toolkit\Properties’ not found in /home/bsdtrain/public_html/kirby/src/Cms/App.php on line 46

Which doesn’t seem to be htaccess related?

I’ve been using FTP (filezilla) to upload to the server.

Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated!


No, that’s not .htaccess related. Are you sure that all files finished uploading? Maybe try again.

You’re right, it must have been issues with FTPing, despite all files having been transferred successfully (multiple times) it seems like something has gone wrong in the process, perhaps connection dropping or something. I zipped the kirby folder and uploaded it manually and extracted and it seemed to work! Thanks Pixelijn!