HTTP Error 500 when logging into backend

Hey there,

I am trying to reactivate a relatively old Kirby installation.

The frontend is only showing a white screen.
The panel login window works normal, but when I login with the admin details I only get an HTTP Error 500.

Do you have an idea how I can fix this?

Thank you very much!

Please provide more information:

Which version exactly?

What is your PHP version?

The Kirby version is 2.1.0
PHP version is 8.0

and here is the site:

This cannot possibly work, such an old Kirby version is not compatible with PHP 8.x

The last PHP version supported by Kirby 2 is PHP 7.4, and that is only true for version 2.5.14+

I’d recommend you update your installation to Kirby 3.

Alright thank you very much!