Update from a really old version?


Our hosting company updated PHP to 7.2 (from 5.6). I’m running a really old (Feb 2015) version of Kirby and after the forced php update I only see the headings and no content whatsoever on the pages. No errors are displayed, however.

So, I then decided to update to the latest version of Kirby. I tried to replace the kirby and panel folders (made backups first), but I only get this when I try to view the site:

“This page is currently offline due to an unexpected error. We are very sorry for the inconvenience and will fix it as soon as possible.”

Any clues, where to begin?

Which was the latest version you had running? If this was a kirby 2 installation, I’ld suggest you update to the latest kirby 2 version (2.5.12). Don’t forget to update the panel to 2.5.12 too. This should be compatible with php 7.2 :wink:

If you tried updating a really old v2 (or worse, v1) to v3, that is not possible without making some changes to your code base. If you relied on third-party plugins, or homebrew plugins, you might have to check out if they are available for v3 first.

In any case,turn on debugging in your config to get some more useful messages.

Thank you for a fast reply :slight_smile:
I was/is running 2.0.6, so I updated kirby and panel folders to the versions you linked to.

Now I get “http error 500” when trying to access the site. Does this help getting any further?

How do I actually enable the debugging mode?

You can do that in your /site/config/config.php by adding this line.

c::set('debug', true);

It won’t help with the error 500, because that is a server error, not a PHP error.

Make sure that your index.php and .htaccess files correspond to the versions needed for Kirby 2.5.12. You can find them in the Starterkit.

Awesome, no it works :smiley: Thank you all soo much :smiley: Somekind of version mismach I guess.

Make sure to disable debugging again on your production server once you have successfully updated. In the long run, I’d consider updating to Kirby 3 even if that means you need a new license and have to put in some more work.