Can't access panel anymore, updated to PHP 7.1

I’m trying to access my panel for my website that was built on Kirby two and am getting the following error.

I am hosting a sub website that using kirby 3 and had to update my PHP to 7.1 Could this be the root of the problem? Please let me know and thank you.

I can confirm I have several K2 sites up and running on PHP 7.1, so that version of PHP shouldn’t be the problem.

As for what can cause the problem; at first sight this looks like a non-existant location for your session directory, or a permission problem.

try emptying the session folder. maybe kirby tries to load a php5 session with php7 code and something fails.

Also try updating Kirby itself. I see your on version 2.5.2 where as the current version is 2.5.12.

How would I update Kirby itself without the Panel?

I’m having trouble finding the sessions folder? Where is it normally?

It’s inside the /site folder.

That’s what I thought but there’s nothing like that here:

Sorry, that was nonsense, there is no session folder inside Kirby 2.

Should be in the /tmp folder on the server, you can check with phpinfo() where that data is stored.

Hey so update on this— I ended up having to contact iPage[my host] who said the scripts being used on 2.5.2 aren’t compatible with 7.1+ and downgraded my PHP again. They said that the scripts for 2.5.2 were compatible with version 5.6.

How can I go about upgrading my website to the latest version of Kirby 2?

Grab a copy of the 2.5.12 Starterkit and replace the /kirby and /panel folders in your project with the corresponding folders from the Starterkit.

Alright that worked.
Thank you!

It still worked today for me! Thanks!