Updating Kirby to a newer version

Hello !

I just recognized that there are newer versions of Kirby for security issues.

Since my version is rather old I downloaded the newer version. But I did not get any files to be updated instead the whole exaple cms.

I wonder which files to change. Is there a listing somewhere? I didn’t find it in the forrum.

Many thanks for your help,

Daniel :blush:

The information you need is in the documentation. It’s a simple process, you just replace the Kirby and Panel folders. How ever if you are currently running a very old version, you may need update your PHP version to something newer, ideally version 7.x.

  • Apache 2 with URL rewriting (mod_rewrite) or nginx
  • Since Kirby 2.5.11: PHP 5.6, before Kirby 2.5.11: PHP 5.4+. We recommend PHP 7.1+
  • PHP mbstring extension for proper UTF-8 support
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That sound easy. Thank you for the fast reply.