Kirby 2.5.11 is here!

Last week we got a report about a possible enhancement of our password hashing and we thought this is a good opportunity to finally get rid of outdated PHP requirements in Kirby 2, test Kirby in 7.2 and fix a couple bugs additionally.

Kirby 2.5.11 now requires at least PHP 5.6. Older PHP versions are no longer supported by PHP’s core team and that’s why you should urgently update your server. We definitely recommend PHP 7.1+. Not just for security reasons, but also because of the massive performance benefits.

You can find the full changelog entry for this version here:
If you want to get started right away, here’s the download:

Thank you very much to all the testers, who helped us to test the release candidate!


Please have a look at Requirements!
I think this needs your change to “PHP 5.6+” and may be “, since Kirby version 2.5.11”.

And please look at Broken Panel links too.

Thank you and your team for Kirby und its updates!

Many thanks for the update today.

I missed another page:
Please look for the link at
.htaccess panel error 500 & href problem with 'Ü'.
Sorry for my error.

I already made a pull request for it :slight_smile:

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