Help us test 2.5.11-RC-1

Today we are releasing a RC for 2.5.11 that brings a security enhancement with stronger password hashes and drops support for PHP 5.4 and 5.5 (which are both EOL) We included support for PHP 7.2 instead. This new version has two additional smaller bugfixes.

It would be great if you could help us test this version. We don’t expected any problems. But with the new password hashes, please double-check if the logins of your current panel accounts still work properly.



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My website is running on PHP 7.x. If I update to the RC-version of Kirby and Panel, the hashes of the passwords will change. Ok.
But after this, if I need to change to the old version of Kirby and Panel, can I loggin with the new hashes and the old version?

I know, that I should make a backup in front. That is ok. But I’m inquisitive…

No, you should no longer be able to login with the old version afterwards.
It’s enough in this case to make a backup of your accounts folder

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