Help us test Kirby 2.5.5 RC-1

We had some painful issues with 2.5 as you might have noticed. We are super sorry about the situation and tried our best to finally fix all the issues in a solid way. We also decided that we will never release a Kirby version again without running a public test phase before. We know that it sucks to update sites too often and especially with buggy CMS versions and we really want to avoid that hassle for you. That’s why we are releasing a candidate for 2.5.5 today, which we need testers for. So if you find the time in the next days to check out the RC on one or two existing projects (locally of course), you are helping us a lot! We plan to release the final stable version next week.

Here’s how to install the release candidate:


You can download the Release Candidate here:


You can also clone the develop branches of the kirby and panel repos from Github:

Command line

With the command line, the RC can be installed with a simple command

kirby install --dev

…or you can update an existing installation to the new version like this…

kirby update --dev

The preliminary changelog entry for the next version can be found here:

Thank you so much for your support!


I run all projects and themes with 2.5.2 (with no known bug till now) and did not followed the discussions about issues with latest Kirby version :frowning: since some weeks.
Can you tell more about what to check with 2.5.5: Panel, thumbs, multilanguage etc…
I will make some test.

Mostly the Panel. We didn’t change much in the Toolkit and the core. :slight_smile:

v2.5.5 seems to be working fine here locally on a large site. Thanks!


It’s working swell for me. Thanks guys.

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