Error HTTP ERROR 500

I run the latest PHP in the latest Mamp Pro and all of a sudden my “older” Kirby site doesn’t work anymore. I get the HTTP ERROR 500 when I go to the homepage (or any other page).

I tried downloading the last kirby release and replace the “kirby” folder, but the problem remains. Any help?

>     # This page isn’t working
>     **localhost** is currently unable to handle this request.
>     HTTP ERROR 500

What is the latest PHP version on the latest Mamp Pro?


When you updated to the latest Kirby version, did you make sure to remove/clear the media folder?

Does a fresh Starterkit work?

Fresh starterkit works. I had to remove the folder “vendor”, this did the trick. Weird?

(I upload the kirby website to heroku and probably the composer file created a vendor folder)

Maybe you ended up with two Kirby versions, hard to tell from here.