Bug : Invisible/Visible toggle in panel 2.4.0

Already opened an issue on github but thought was probably also a good idea to post here.

The toggle is not working in 2.4.0.
Here’s a video of the bug -> http://quick.as/ZQPhpPoY


Hm, I can’t reproduce this with a fresh Starterkit?

That’s weird. Let me grab another copy of the Starterkit.

Found it.
Try to set all the main pages on the starterkit (projects, blog about and contact) to invisible.

All these pages have a status: false option set, so it’s weird that you see the toggle in the first place.

But on the home page the button is visible and does not work, that’s right. Seems that you have to set the status option to true to make it work, but I wonder if that is intentional or rather a bug, because I would assume that true is the default.

Ok I now noticed what you’re saying about the status (was modifying the status directly from the mac finder)

But for example, if I manually set the status to invisible on the projects page (something that I can accidentally do if I’m not using the panel for example) then the child pages start to behave weirdly.

Those are using the default status value and if at least one of them is visible the toggle works fine. But if all projects are set to invisible then the toggle stops working.

Ok that seems to be the problem.
Try to set all but one pages in a folder to invisible.

With one page visible the toggle works.
Then set the last one to invisible and try again

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I’m afraid I can’t reproduce this :pensive:

I’m gonna record a quick video because the bug is definitely there.

Ok this is on a fresh installation: http://quick.as/bqohdxm4

I pulled the starterkit and created a new site.
As you’ll see the toggle stops working as soon as all the the projects are set to invisible.

I can confirm that I’m running the following:

Toolkit version: 2.4.0
Kirby version: 2.4.0
Panel version: 2.4.0

I’m on php 7 using MAMP.

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Now I get it, yes, that is definitely a bug.


Probably related:

In invisible pages which have siblings, in 2.3.2, we can click on the status button and then just press enter to confirm the dialog and that would set the page visible as the last sibling.
In 2.4.0 this doesn’t work anymore and you have to manually select a position to set it visible.

This has been fixed on the develop branch and will be in 2.4.1