Blank page while navigation in new panel

Since the release of the updated panel i have encountered that when i am navigating though the panel such as just switching between subpages after clicking around on the links i’ll encounter a blank ( white ) page not showing anything. After I hit refresh (f5) the page will show.

I’ve been bearing this problem for a whole now and on the latest update nothing seems to be fixed. I assume this problem is not known?

Getting annoyed more and more, I wanted to report.

Which version of the Toolkit, CMS and Panel do you use (you can find this information on the “Site Options” page of the Panel)? Also, which browser, browser version, PHP version and web server do you use?

What you could try anyway is to clear your browser cache. Also, please try installing a fresh unmodified starterkit and check if the issue appears there as well.

The Issue was already in 2.2.2 too.

Toolkit Version: 2.2.3
Kirby Version: 2.2.3
Panel Version: 2.2.3

Cent OS6 Apache 2.2

Browser Chrome, Firefox, Qupzilla all newest stable release
Private Surfing too

Problem encounters about every 3-5 switch of directory in panel ( as well as of any other task e.g. changing picture, file, change visibility etc. )

A fresh and empty installation seems fine. however I didn’t modify anything within panel and kirby folders.
As updating goes, updates from earlier installations were replacing kirby and panel folders.

Alright, thanks for the details.

Then it seems like an issue with a plugin, configuration setting or blueprint. Issues like this can be best debugged by starting with a fresh installation and adding the changes back in until the issue occurs again.

if there’s a mistake in for e.g. blueprints, wouldn’t it stay a blank page even after refreshing (f5) ?

That’s difficult to say. Since the Panel normally uses AJAX requests, they could be affected while the normal ones are not.

i’ll take a look at my blueprints and plugins, and if there is anything special where the problem appears to pinpoint it even more and will report back.

Seems like when a special consonant (Umlaute) is not properly e.g. ANSI than UTF8 which is causing panel not to show it correctly is when the site stays white until further refreshing.

After changing to proper encoding ( saving blueprint file as UTF-8 ) solved the issue.