Once again: Images, subpages and panel not working


I installed the 3.5 Starterkit. Images are not displayed and I cannot access subpages and the panel.

This is my installation:

apache2, virtual host on
mod_rewrite is enabled
chmod -R 775
testet with .htaccess - RewriteBase / enabled and disabled
added ‘panel’ =>true to site/config/config.php

created folders site/accounts and site/sessions, set owner/group to www-data, changed permissions to 775 but I have no account so far

The homepage is displayed, styles are loaded. But no images are displayed and when I click on a link i get a 404 url not found.

I have a second kirby installation: kitchen sink on a different port that works. Tried to use its .htaccess,:makes no difference.

Can someone please help me?

That looks as if the .htaccess file is ignored. You can test this by adding some garbage stuff to if, whereup you should get a 500 error, if the file is read at all.

Thank you, Sonja

I actually copied the default virtual-host-template in which it says at the bottom:

<Directory /var/www/>
Options Indexes MultiViews
AllowOverride None

and I forgot to edit that…

Now it works smoothly :wink:

Kind regards,