New Installation of Kirby 3 Not Working

Hi there, I just uploaded the starterkit-master to my webspace however my website isn’t working properly. I’ve confirmed that the .htaccess file is copied properly. I’m using PHP version 7.3.

Website -

Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

Have you checked permissions on the /media folder? That’s where Kirby stores thumbnails, and I don’t see any images on your site. I’d look to see if there are any files there at all, first.

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Hi, the starterkit-master zip file I downloaded straight from getkirby didn’t have anything inside of the media folder except for an index.html file. Also, all links on the website seem to be broken.

The /media folder is empty, because it only gets filled when an asset URL is actually called. But the folder must be writable by the Apache user.

Looking at the site, subpages do not work either. So the .htaccess file is either ignored or mod_rewrite is not enabled on your server. So you would have to sort this issue out first. Maybe you have a control panel like cPanel or similar at your hosting where you can make such settings?

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Hello all, thanks for the help! Just wanted to give you all an update. I got it working using the fix that Bastien gave me via email. If anyone else ever has this issue, here’s the solution -

I would guess that you need to set the rewrite base in the .htaccess file. Remove the # in front of the rewrite base line and give it a try.