Starterkit, Why are the links not working

I am new here and i just getting to start to work with kirby. And by that I really mean I just downloaded it and wanted to unterstand, how the structure works.
So i did eveything like in the discribtion, twice and with different browsers. I downloaded Mamp and kirby 2.5.8 two times in case there might by a package went lost or something while downloading.

So here is the problem:
I can reach the index site of the starterkit but the links are not working. my browser just says (I klickt Projects) “The requested URL /kirby/projects was not found on this server.” so i guess there might be a mistake in the link, but since i don’t know the structure yet, i don’t know how i could finde the mistake. By the way, I didn’t change anything.
But even if I would find the piece of code, it would be strange, because any link on the index side isn’t working.

I saw a tutorial video, where the guy just did the same thing like me, and his links where working.
So do anyone have an idea what might be wrong here?

Thanks a lot, I appreciate every helpful answer i can get. wink:

Is the .htaccess file present? With Mamp, Kirby should work out of the box without any changes to the .htaccess, assuming you are using Mamp with Apache, not Nginx?

In your Mamp settings, in the Apache tab, check if “Allow override” is enabled, see screenshot:

Thanks for the quit response.
That could be it, but i can’t say for sure. I’m using apache. Where should this .htaccess file be located?

Also my MAMP looks a little bit different than yours:54
Version 4.2.1

The .htaccess file should be in your Kirby project root, i.e. somewhere next to the index.php file. Note that it is an invisible file (the Finder doesn’t show invisible files by default). You can use CMD + Shift + . to toggle showing/hiding invisible files.

Ok, unfortunately there is no hidden file in my htdocs folder that is named htaccess. How can i get it?

The file is part of the starterkit, see

ok, strange. when i download the hole thing from github it works perfectly. looks like i didn’t copy the htaccess file in the first place. I don’t know how this happed.

Thanks for your support.

From where did you download the Starterkit originally?

From the official getkirby webside. It was version 2.5.8
But i checked it again. the file was in the downloaded folder. I didn’t copy the hole folder, instead i copied the content of the kirby folder into a new folder. When the hidden files are not shown, they will not be copied with all the rest.
Thats how i lost the htaccess file.

Thanks again.