Is broken in 2.4.0?

I have a few hooks that I tied to the event, as I needed to update the timestamp of some headlines when they went to invisible -> visible status.

I noticed after upgrading from 2.3.2 -> 2.4.0 that it seems this broke them, as they aren’t firing anymore. I’ve traced other hooks such as and that does work as expected, so it just seems to affect this hook in particular.

I didn’t see anything in the Github issue list about this, has anyone else ran into this?

EDIT: Hmm, curious if it’s at all tied to this possibly: Bug : Invisible/Visible toggle in panel 2.4.0

What exactly is broken? Does the hook not fire at all or only sometimes? Could you please open a GitHub issue in the Panel repo with more information?

It seems that the event that is triggered by the sort() function is the visibility event, not a sort event.

See also this post re. missing sort permission.

If I remember correctly, Bastian has made it backwards-compatible though. @bastianallgeier?

I was essentially trying to use the hook to run code that would update two fields (a time and a date field, that post mentions a datetime field but I ended up using a different method in the end).

In 2.3.2, when I changed from invisible → visible, the hook would fire as expected and my code would run. But in 2.4.0, it doesn’t do anything.

Sure, I can create a GitHub issue with the same information, no problem.

EDIT: not firing as expected · Issue #952 · getkirby-v2/panel · GitHub Issue created.

It’s now fixed on the develop branch and will be released with 2.4.1